Once Upon a Wildling Workshop…

Wow!!!! This is how I was greeted yesterday morning on arrival at the very first #wildlingworkshop  @thekeeperandthedell THIS is exactly why living in Norfolk is so flippin inspiring, we really are lucky-

So, after a super friendly meet & greet, 2 coffees (which absolutely didn’t help my nerves!) and a pecan slice, we sat down to listen to Rebecca Lindon speak a little bit about always checking in with your ‘authentic self.’ She made the most perfect point that if what you’re working on is real & true to you, it will just flow organically-so calm your farm-if it’s working, it will work!!! Haha! I found Rebecca, the editor of Wildling Magazine on Instagram when I happened to recognise a patch of woodland in one of her shoots…it turns out, her & her family live a few miles from my cottage here in North Norfolk. Ah.mazing!!!! 

She’s actually done wonders for Florafairweather as having someone as stimulating & creative so close by, excites me everytime I see her. Apart from that one time I closed my shop & refused to go on Instagram for 2 days having had enough of the whole biz!!!

  Anyway, back to the workshop.

I chatted loosely about the importance of visual language & being cohesive with colour & style so you’re instantly recognisable as a brand. I was very honest, & very modest as I actually had to look up the definition when Rebecca first asked me to join in!!! Hahaha! Being a beginner business in comparison to the other speakers possibly made me more relatable to the ladies listening as their daily dilemas are the same as mine so it was great for it to feel really informal & friendly the whole day.

After a coffee break (enamel wear, I love you!!!) Petra & her beautiful baby bump from @minimockspetra (who flew in from Sweden the day before!) spoke about her world domination & using just Instagram to conquer your custom…she described herself as a sales women wrapped in cotton candy!!!!!!!! Hahaha! I LOVE cotton candy!!!!!! 

    We sat under a pagoda in the warm rain, looking over the Dell for a delicious hot chilli & focaccia lunch made by @pandoraskitchen of Norwich. Elderflower fizz in jams jars & brownies & salted flapjack stuffed us to the top! There was some GREAT conversation over a long lunch, but we got back to work with woven wraps designer @ali_dovers for her presentation & live photo shoot. 
She spoke about imagery &?making the best use of photography wether with your phone or DSLR camera & telling a story through your photos to create a narrative.

 We then paired up to give some one-to-one advice with the ladies & generally had a little gossip & sent well wishes & instructions of hashtags to promote the day!!!! It really was so energising to be in a room of such enthused powerful women, and Bobby Burrage! 

A beautiful setting for an inspiring day which im so humbled to have joined in with. 

So, if anyone fancies being part of the second creative workshop, Which I absolutely recommend, I believe all the details are on http://www.wildling.com 

Wahoooo Wildlings!!!! 



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