October at Rose Cottage…


 Flora & I are getting used to being home alone, for the last year my homeboy Dylan has been home almost every day but this last week gone back out to work for the American Airforce. SO, we are here!

Flora keeps best busy outdoors, & we have a LOT of outdoors! Chickens, dog, cat & x2 horse sitting while our neighbours are in Ireland, fruit picking & crumble making all sounds idyllic but it’s usually a “crisis” as Dylan calls us!!!!!!!! 

He’s not been home until 11pm a couple of nights so when Flora’s gone to bed I’ve had time to do a couple of bits for Florafairweather which is good as my pile is pretty low at the moment!!! 

(I can’t remember who it was that wanted some more boys pixie Pom socks?!!)

Anyway, despite the serene pictures, we often have a disaster a day-the chaos usually catches me out without Dylan here & yesterday Flora managed to tip almost a gallon of oil over the garage floor & today, JUST as he txt me to check our status she tripped into a HUGE puddle of thick mud….like seriously-I was going to post a photo of her to show how Instagram lies but some of you might FREAK!!!!  (Before anyone does, calm your farm, shes fine, didn’t even cry, the cut is a tiny dot which decided to create way more blood than it was worthy of… Oh & her top WAS white…Also, we had to walk 2 fields home.like that. Flora under 1 arm, dragging her tractor with the other-got a picture??? SO hooray for wine o clock tonight, it can’t come quick enough!!!!!!  

LUCKILY I have a little treat in the post coming from THIS super mama next week, if there’s anyone to make me feel more inadequate, Beth has four of the small species. FOUR. Three girls & a Bebe boy. AND manages to run a beautiful creative business @peggypeg_ making these necklaces. So I needed one. Or two!!!!!! 


Oooh & now Flora needs some new clothes to replace her oil covered ones so if anyone wants to buy a blanket tonight that would be great thanks. 😂😂😂 



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