Baby Loss Awareness Day…


I’ve only been sad once in my life, a sadness that doesn’t go away with the right people around you, or when you logically think through it & feel better. I’m not going to go on about it because ive still not quite figured it out BUT I have my Flora Bee & we have our health. So, what I AM going to go on about is awareness. Which is what today is about. Baby Loss Day. Absolutely not Christmas but still I’ll celebrate it in my own way. I was induced with Flora on 14th May 2015  & 1 year to the day earlier was induced to miscarry a 10 week old baby who had stopped developing at  8 weeks. I can’t really recall the two weeks in between those days but I think most of them were spent in bed so the baby didn’t fall out. I so wanted it to stay in. 

My point being-if at my booking appointment the M word was mentioned or I’d been armed with the statistics before my mum rushed out to buy muslins our pure pain would have been replaced with disappointment & acceptance. 


I recently met up with Anna Whitehouse from @motherpukka she’s written a super poignant blog piece about miscarriage called “The elephant in the room.” She, like lots of us has a story to share, but after speaking to her over a vegan chocolate cake in between interruptions from our 1 & 2 year olds, a bumped head, a babychinno, & a bum change, she absolutely hit the nail on the head…”it is shit.” 

It really is. 

Anna has since put a few ladies in touch while in similar situations who have been able to talk about how shit it really is. 

She amazes me, she spritzes joy & fun & despite a having had huge amount of sadness in her own life, her sense of humour is expert. 

Am sure she won’t mind me sending mamas, mamas-to-be or mamas-in-waiting her way, especially if you need to be pointed in the right direction regarding your baby loss. 

So, I’m going to delete this after a few days as I don’t want it sadenning my jolly page, but I just wanted to mark the day with acknowledgement rather than ignorance which is why we suffer so acutely.  

 Photo by @rebeccalindon


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