The Mamahood Workshop…

*You can take the girl out of the country….but you can’t drive through central London in a Toyota farm truck. Ummm.

I was mesmerised by her technicoloured dreams of a Florafairweather workshop in London so on Saturday morning, sweet Diana of @the_mamahood dragged us out of bed at 5.15am to hurry hurry to the city… 

It’s not the early start that bothered us, but whilst being rammed in traffic sat in front of The Shard it occurred to me that people take the train from rural Norfolk for a reason!!!!!! We saw the Millenium Wheel, Tower Bridge & the MI5 building from the last James Bond film *pointed out by Dylan! None of this was because we were tourists, but because we were stupid country folk!!!! 

Anyway, I did arrive on time, & quickly gave hugs, kisses, hoorays to the ladies while we set up the rainbow room… 

We got straight on with making & I explained the revelation & life changing emotion these ladies were about to feel by using their first Pom Pom maker-I mean literally-goosebumps filled the room as their whole lives suddenly now made sense!!!!! I shared a few crafty secrets & techniques & everyone got on great Pomming away speedily, quick break for coffees & hashtags &  lots of chit chats about people’s businesses & kiddies & exciting new Mamahood events coming up in London. 

It went SO quick but every single person went home with poms for their brand new blankets! 

I was super proud of my new pom poms babies!!!!!  

Thanks a zillion Diana for inviting me, & thank you ladies for turning up!!! I really had a super morning!!! 


  Look out for her future events here


One thought on “The Mamahood Workshop…

  1. Looks amazing! Sign me up for your next visit – YouTube is not making me into the crochet queen I was hoping for so tips from a master would be great 😊

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