A Hmong Tribe…

My next find from across the globe arrived this morning & of course as soon as I tore it open, unraveled the beautiful bunting hand sewn out of traditional vintage Hmong fabric I was suddenly wide awake & ready to style a quick shoot with them!!!!! I can just NEVER relax & savour anything! Hahaha! 


I absolutely adore the Hmong handiwork & have done since I was young & had a little figure (like an educational Barbie?!) of a lady in their traditional costume. It was crammed with adornments, beads, embroidery, jewels & the brightest of pinks, teal & lime greens, My absolute dream! I know what you’re thinking-I possibly did belong to the tribe in a past life but that’s another blog post! 

Anyway-We digress…


I have 4 sets of the bunting (3 for sale as we’re keeping 1 obvs!) & have traded directly with a small company I found on Google based in Northern Vietnam. 


As usual get in touch on Instagram or Email if you’d like a set, I’m going to wrap them prettily tonight & I can post tomorrow! 

HOORAY for our Beautiful World!!! x


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