Pom Pom Number Three…


The Firepit in Wendling has been a fave retreat of mine since Flora was born. I went to a local Sling Library when she was a week old who held their summer meet ups there-as you can imagine, it’s a very different place in the sunshine, but it absolutely didn’t put me off holding a Pom Pom Party there in February as The Wren’s nest couldn’t have been any cosier!!! After coffee & Pain au chocolatè & a little procrastination (as usual) from moi, (sorry ladies!) we started to wind our pretty Pom poms. I felt like I’d known these ladies a whole lot longer than a few hours as we only stopped laughing to take another bite of cake, Lynzi, you are an absolute gem & whoever told the taxidermy dog pillow story was a GENIOUS!!!!!!!! ✨ 😂 ✨ 


(Without patronising anyone, my Pom Pom parties never require any previous knowledge of Pom pom making or crocheting. We use Pom Pom makers in various sizes to suit your project & we go as slow or as fast as you wish! I can guarantee it is addictive in a therapeutic sense & most ladies go home & order a pack of makers so they can make more & more!!! 

☝🏻️Maria & Amy working hard!!! ☺️

 *Every single ladies was wearing a knitted top! Including me!!! Haha! 

   Amy & her perfect hat hair!!! 

Happy Campers!!! 

So another quick break for white chocolate cake & pink donuts, this time no procrastination, I was back in the game & actually made ONE Pom Pom myself!?!?!!!! Phew, exhausting!!! Hahah! 

Thank you so much beautiful ladies, I had such a blast with you, I literally didn’t want to leave!!! 

Also, SO much thanks to Rachel & Sarah from The Firepit for letting us use the Wren’s Nest, it’s just my absolute faaaaave!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Keep an eye out for coming up Pom Pom Parties, I’m CERTAIN there will be more this year! 💐


One thought on “Pom Pom Number Three…

  1. Aw- I wish it was Saturday all over again! If anyone is thinkimg about going to one of the Pom Pom parties- DEFINITELY do it! So much fun!!! Thanks Hollie for hosting such a lovely morning! And everyone else for all the laughter!! Xxx

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