A no news letter!!! 

The dreaded task of typing in all your addresses when I promised an email newsletter still awaits…its *ALMOST the top of my list!!! 🤔 

SO until I actually think of something ‘newsy’ to tell you all in one I’m going to leave a %20 discount on all small blankets for all of you who signed up, to use until I ACTUALLY send it!!!!!!! That might make me work a bit faster! 🤗 

 Just make sure you mention the discount to me when you order & it’s all yours! 

Hopefully May will bring me lots of fun stuff to tell you all, we have Flora Bee’s SECOND birthday GAH!!! I’m planning a picnic party & a new little cottage summer house for the garden to play in! 

We also have out new puppy finally coming to live at Rose Cottage AND my best friend is due her second Bebe, oh crikey flippin Moses I just cannot WAIT for May!!!

Until then… Lots of Love from the Florafairweather HQ! 💕



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