A day at The Faffing Room…

I haven’t written a blog post in SUCH a while, but today was just too desperately pretty not to share with you all. 

We are up in Lincolnshire visiting & today was spent at my friend Cheryl’s. She co-owns Oh Arthur clothing & solely owns The Faffing Room, a teeny business that she really MUST make more time for, as her handmade dolls & beebee clothes are totally charming…as is her life…which I want…need…must have!!!

*OH um Cheryl, if you’re reading this…I hope you don’t mind me blogging about you??!?

Is that totally weird or stalky? 

Possibly yes, but everyone go ahead & enjoy these photos, then, if you would, head to her Instagram 👈🏻 (follow please!) & tell her to work on her feed as I really need to see more of veggie sausage dog Bentley & her in my feed. 


Get comfy…

Thank you for a super day darling Cheryl, Flora Bee is ZONKED & I’m sat with a red wine & vanilla ice-cream scrolling through today’s photos like I’m watching this weeks Country File!!!! 

Tonight I’ll be dreaming in Peonies!!! 💕


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