Rose Water from Rose Cottage…

I’m SUCH a sucker for anything ROSE!!! *except Turkish delight, but I’d deffo eat it if it was the ONLY treat available!!! 

I made bottles & bottles of this when I was very pregnant, enough to last my whole labour. Rose is so so nostalgic to me, moving to my most loved house (EVER) with my Mama & Pappy when we were little, it was a huge old Edwardian house built on the edge of the beach, the only thing between us & the sand was a little woodland of Christmas trees that after years & years had become a cats cradle of tumbling wild roses. The house was so fusty, Mama & me filled it with bowls of warm water & all of the blooms & it soon smelt DREAMY!!! We had the bestestesest summer I can ever remember in that house, camping out in one room because it was such a wreck, but still, just the BEST ever ever. 

Ever since, I’ve used wild rose In some of my happiest days…head to toe on our Wedding day & sipping happily throughout my lovely labour… 
Anyway, Jeeez, I didn’t mean for the life story today, I was just going for the recipe!!!!! 

If you’re still awake, here it is! πŸ’€

Collect your roses! 😏

You only need the petals for the water but I always snip the whole flower so another one grows in its place! 

Put them in a pan & fill with just enough water to cover them, particularly fragrant ones might need a little bit more to dilute the taste… *think Parma Violet, granny perfume taste! 

Cover the pan & warm the roses until they simmer & until they’re colourless.

Then drain & cool with ice or savour it warm!

Yes darling husband, it does look like pee, but I promise you, pee doesn’t taste this wonderful! 

*i don’t think??!

If you don’t have a wilderness of weeds & bushes like we do at Rose Cottage, you can use supermarket roses, they all smell & taste just as lovely! 

Enjoy! πŸ’•


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