The seven days of Crimplemas…

In case you’re wondering, we live in sweet Crimplesham, mix it up with a two year olds excitement for the big day & you get “Crimplmas!!!” Cute eh??! Well done Flora!!! 

Anyway, starting next week I’ll be celebrating the seven days of Crimplemas by sending a different gift everyday to a weeks worth of winners! They will all lead up to the official launch of my brand new book!!! ☝🏻️☝🏻☝🏻 YAY!!!

You’ll have to be on the ball as I’ll be posting each prize at 7am every morning & I want a regram!!! (This will be of a pic of my book though as I need as many people as possible to see it! **still 49 to sell before I make any money!!!!👎🏻) 

You can/should enter ever day as the prizes are all connected with my book & specifically chosen for their beeeeeeauty!!!!

Here’s a sneak peak…

THERE!!! Aren’t they super??!! They’re not in order so keep your eyes peeled from Monday morning! 💕


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