Summer at Rose Cottage… πŸ’•

You’re all well aware of what we spent our *sometimes sunny summer doing, it seems a while ago now, but flicking through my book now it’s here reminds me that it was extraordinarily ordinary in the most beautiful way… πŸ’•

I’ve collected a few pics together to hint at the moral of the story so far…

We started working on it pretty much every day from June, scrap booking, hunter/gathering & face timing my moods & feels to my bestie & publisher Sissy.

Flora & me were very professional & didn’t once give up!!!

PAH! Ok maybe only three or four times but I found it quite difficult to bring my head back to the real world with regards to deadlines, adult conversation & stickability to one project rather than a zillion little hobby ones! It’s been a LONG time since I was at Uni & even then I don’t think I worked so seriously!!!

After everything was curated I really enjoyed the pages falling into place, I ordered the months & colours in the book which is a small detail but for someone like me <Aesthetically anal I think is a good description!> is such a beautiful detail & gives an underlying moral to my wellbeing narrative. Serious stuff eh??! Who knew!!! πŸ™‹πŸ˜†πŸ™‹ *note to self…email Uni lecturer to confirm me actually completing a project!!!

On my part, I was almost done, Lauren was able to get on with the dull bits & turned it into an ACTUAL thing. I did however knock up a little pretend version for Flora’s critique that was home printed & holepunched!!! Fingers crossed it will be worth something one day…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I won’t be posting any pics of that!!!

Hallelujah!!! Finally, the first week of November 2016, after almost half a year of labouring our love, it is ready for you!!! I’m hot & cold excited & goosepimply happy, but you know that right?!!!

You can pre-order a Special edition in an embroidered gift bag on my website at the moment… Here. And pleeeease pop by my Instagram to leave some sparkly feedback! If it’s not sparkly, hold on to it!!!!!

On Monday the 28th I’m throwing a ball of a competition to celebrate!!! It will be like the 12 days of Christmas with a super prize every single day! The shops involved are AHMAGAAAAD amazing, including The Meringue GirlsBloom & Wild & Cosatto!

You must NOT FORGET!!! Until then dearest, sending Love xxx


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