Behind the sparkly scenes… ✨✨✨

✨ The evenings are sneaking in closer & the air is creeping cooler meaning I’m becoming a busier blanket builder. It feels slightly odd starting Florafairweather jobs on a dark evening at the moment so with Dylan’s shifts working well last week I’ve been able to grab an hour of sparkling early light every single morning this week. 

Monday. Come 6.45am, the light starts to seep in through our Velux roof windows & the toddler wakes up like a tornado. Flora & Dylan bundle up & charge down the fields with the one out of our two dogs racing in front. The number two dog decided to have a lie in with me. I get my wool out while my hair dries & the kettle boils… The sun rises then around 7.50am it has made its way to the window directly above our bed.

I could pretend this was part of our design plan for the new bedroom space at Rose Cottage, but actually, it was by pure chance & has uniquely changed the way I work on a morning & early evening. Having the natural light right overhead is beyond compare to lamplight. It’s far far better for my (**always tired Mama) eyes & means the photos I can take of my blankets rarely need any tweaking or editing. 

Tuesday, only a set of Pom poms needed this morning so I whip them up without getting dressed & wait for the gang to get back in! 15 minutes spare to drink my coffee & flick through some colour charts for another blanket I’m starting this week.

Wednesday, Even Velux can’t brighten our room this morning. A faint glow of sunrise hasn’t woken Flora Bee yet so without spoken words, Dylan & me chose to stay in bed. Sometimes wool waits & sometimes looking up is good for the soul, good for the rest of the day & good for your tired husband! **Especially when you catch a glimpse of the neighbours overhead…

Thursday, An hour seems to go so quick this morning when most of it was spent untangling a ball of pink wool!!! By the time Flora & Dylan come back in bringing gifts of pink Anemones & the last of my Chinese lanterns the sun is now dancing on the walls & I’ve opened the Velux to hear some birdsong. 

Friday, expecting the sky to be a blaze of beauty I wake up happily to this… ​​


Even my three year old finds it calming & it’s just not a noise you get to enjoy with usual vertical glass.

We’re taking it slow until it brightens up this morning as all I need to do it take some snaps of a blanket later. 

Saturday, finally Mother Nature has cheered up for the weekend & I have another sacred hour to catch up on a couple of my Mama blankets. It’s so so pretty this morning I can even get my snaps AND post on Insta pretty much in the same breath! Perfect reason to take Sunday off & enjoy the skies from the opposite side of my Velux!

Sunday afternoon, time to note down some thoughts on our roof windows for a blog I’m working on…

I’ve trawled through the thesaurus hunting for pretty adjectives to describe the way they enhance our life, 

Radiant, refreshing, luminous, sunlit, dreamy… They all describe what I see, but I’ll leave you with this stunner should you need an extra nudge… 

To explore your Velux potential, click here ✨ or on Instagram here ✨ #florafairweather #veluxpotential 🌈🙋🏼❤️


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