An evening with Puffin Books…

So firstly, before I forget, I have some inside news… Tracy Beaker has a DAUGHTER… did you know that??? I mean, GAH* I’ve missed out on a LOT of Jaqueline Wilson over the last few years which I have been really looking forward to catching up on as Flora grew older but as she’s just made me feel like a great great granny I might give dear Jaqueline a miss now!!!!! 😆😆😆🤦🏼‍♀️ Come to think about it, I was mostly invited to the Puffin Books Sleepover to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a timeless hero, Each Peach Pear Plum. Now, 40 years is a LONG time so technically Baby Bunting could actually be a Dad, OR Grandad or Mum actually, was it a boy or girl?? 🤔👶🏼

Anyway, I digress.

I travelled to London with Sir Dylan by train but ditched him in our beeeeautiful room at The Principal London (his knowledge of Children’s books is terrible & I didn’t want him dragging me down in the Quiz I’d heard Puffin were hosting for us!!!) ***My table came second, but first place would’ve been ours if my copy of The Jolly Postman wasn’t very torn up by an overenthusiastic new mum trusting her one year old Flora with an already falling to bits copy!!! Anyway, digressing again!!!

We had an amazing three course, tailored vegan meal & bottomless wine while chatting to the illustrators, authors & Penguin gurus dotted amongst each table.

AMAZINGLY their books were piled on tables around us to browse & take home, or in my case, grill poor Michael Whaite about his book 100 Dogs & how he actually managed to create his book… I was honestly hoping he owned them ALL, all 100. (But actually, turns out his brother has a boarding kennels so tadaaaah his content came from there!!!) I knew Flora would ADORE it so he signed it for her & I slyly put Hairy McClairy to the back of her shelf!!!!

Next we had a drawalong with the illustrators. NOW, even if you’ve followed me for a while you probably didn’t know that I did Children’s illustration at Uni, however, I’m terribly UN-competitive, I HATE competition or attention, however, like the quiz, we really could’ve won BUT this time I was just mesmerised by Lauren O’Hara drawing on the table next to me!!!! You may remember the name from my Hortense & the Shadow giveaway last winter. Both the O’Hara sisters were there & just as I imagined they were perfect replicas of their superbly stunning book!!! (I have a piece of illustration by Natalia & Lauren in my giveaway! 💗)

After more chit chat I collected each of the books in my Each Peach book bag (Also in the giveaway!)

I then scurried upstairs to find Sir Dylan snoozing sweetly on a pile of a bed as soft as cloud! Zzz.

Now, the story was meant to go as far as the New Covent Garden Flower Market at the sound of my early morning wake up call. I’ve never been before & as it was my first time in London in about 10 years I REALLY wanted to go, however, no one told the tourist that it wasn’t ACTUALLY in Covent Garden & would take around an hour to get there & I had to be back in plenty of time for our Each Peach Pear Plum breakfast. The flower market was knocked on the head & I showered leisurely & got to breakfast in plenty of time! I sat with Hollie De Cruz @theyesyesmum & Sammi Jo @mother_freckle & had the most relaxing conversation about birth, life & pigs!!! (Usually how most of my conversations end up!)

The details added to breakfast were just beautiful, little picnic baskets of peach sweets & pear drops, Special Anniversary edition Each Peach books with a beautiful letter inside from Alan Alberg himself (sorry sorry, I can’t bare to give this one away!!!!!) another goodie bag with Beatrix Potter coins from The Royal Mint, Roald Dahl goodies, The Hungry Caterpillar book & toy (Kim & bump, this is put aside for you!!!🐛)

I didn’t take many pictures of the breakfast as I was totally swept up with the loveliness of everything but Lucy, the Puffin Mama let me sneak some of the decorations into my bag so I could re-create the entire thing the next morning for Flora Bee! <now, if you were following my Stories that day you’d have seen me making my way back through London carrying at least half a stones worth of pastel Delphiniums!!!!!! They were the table decorations for the event & because of my flower market sob story I was allowed to bring them home! As Sammi Jo put it so so beautifully, yes, I was living my best life. ☺️> Thank you Penguin & Puffin for making it so so precious!!!

The next few pictures were taken back at home reliving a beautiful 24 hours now with Baby girl…

And HERE is everything in my giveaway!!!! You MUST follow every author & illustrator that I tag on my page to enter AND you must tag a friend because WHO on earth doesn’t adore books are need to be reminded how fabulous they are in our little ones lives???!!!


2 thoughts on “An evening with Puffin Books…

  1. Hi Flora Fairweather,
    Our friends at Puffin Books kindly allowed us to include a Family Golden Ticket to visit the Roald Dahl Museum in your goody bag.
    I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately, the Museum is currently closed for repairs and refurbishment following flooding at the end of May. We’re aiming to reopen in time for October half term.
    Your Golden Ticket had an August expiry date, but obviously we’ll be happy to honour it later in the year when we reopen. If I may, I’ll contact you again to let you know when we’re back up and running.
    Best wishes,
    Isabelle Reynolds
    PR & Marketing Manager

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah hi lovie, thank you so much for letting me know! What a shame about the flooding, I hope you’re getting everything sorted now? I’d really appreciate a nod when you re-open as I’ve just finished reading James & the giant peach to Flora & she adored it!!! My email is I look forward to hearing from you lovie & thank you again for your message! Hollie xxx


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