Gosh it’s been a while since I posted a blog so I hope this one is worthy!?!! Some questionable heavy filtering but such sweet memories of a super wedding day.

It marked the last of 6 weeks of renovations & living in a tent at Rose Cottage as it had been empty for 8 years before we finally moved in, the very night before our wedding here!

Flora loves the story so much, we recreated it for her on our anniversary on Friday! Dylan’s suit from The British Tweed Company still fits like a glove & is always his choice for any occasions we go to.

***My dress isn’t such a perfect fit anymore!!!(OK so he’s just admitted that he can’t do his waistcoat up anymore so that’s good news, kind of!!!)The Church is just at the end of our village so we walked over after supper & let her do her ‘Here comes the Bride thing!’ 💗💗💗Everyone should re-create their Wedding for their daughter !!! She absolutely ADORED it! 😆😆😆Floras’s dress is aged 7-8!!! 😆 But is so perfect for ‘dressing up!’ & is from Monstrous Vintage Kids who I found on Instagram last year. (Waistcoat open! ☝🏻🧐)

Maybe the old filters aren’t so bad after all??!! Hah…just kidding. They’re terrible.

I still have a voucher code you can use to order a suit like Dylan’s, It’s for 10% off made to measure tweed by using ‘Florafairweather’ Pop over to The British Tweed Company to make best use of it!!! ***Heads there now to Check waistcoat prices!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Sunday Love Birds! xx


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