Winston the Christmas Mouse 🐭

We’ve spent this week mostly reading about Winston, the teeny little Mouse who delivered Christmas! Yay Chriiiiiiiistmaaaas!!! 🐭🎄🐭

It’s written & beautifully illustrated by Alex Smith, who posted it & a little hamper of sparkly goodies for us to create some crafts this week!

The stunning Hardback feels like a non-disposable advent calendar & is meant to be read a chapter (there’s 24 & a half of them) an evening the weeks before the big day. *However, if you have a 4.5year old & are anything like myself-this is absolutely not going to happen. 2 hours straight, most of the crafts, letters, stories completed & now we prefer a certain little vermin over a rotund hairy man! *We WILL be using it properly over the next 40 days but we just couldn’t put it down & wait!!!

Anyway, here’s a few more pics to lure you over to Amazon to buy Alex’ book. It really is one that will be bought out year after year & enjoyed just as much each time.

Winston really does promote kindness & courage, generosity & bravery but not just at Christmas & not just to our friends or family.

You can order your very own ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’ here

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