Christmas crafting…

You might have noticed a few times on my Stories this week we’ve been making lots of decorations for Flora’s Christmas tree ( deffo recommend getting them one for their bedroom if you have ‘decoration OCD’ like myself!) Anyway, we’ve made Angels, reindeers, gingerbreads, baubles AND a Nativity which Flora has absolutely adored!!! I think homemade Christmas’ are just charming & getting the same bits out again & again is like seeing man old relative! 💗💗💗

So, here are pics of our lovely week, I’ve enjoyed it as much as Flora & if you’d like to recreate, Baker Ross have super kindly given me a 20% off discount code to share with you which is MASSIVE as they’re such good value as it is!!! You can click here to shop direct with them!

You might have spotted Flora’s tree this eve with all her ‘creations’ on it! I’ll make sure I take a better pic tomo in the daylight for you as it’s SO chaotic it’s actually wonderful!!!! Thank you so much Baker Ross for having us!!!! xxx


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