A Beatrix Potter Adventure …

Now, when a wonderful tale turns partly into a very unfortunate event, it’s difficult to remember it with the fondness it deserves…

HOWEVER, Dylan, Flora & I had a lovely lovely time visiting the Lake District last month on our Beatrix Potter Adventure I’m going to blog about it anyway, THEN I’ll tell you what happened when we got home.

The drive up to the Lakes was made much kinder thanks to some audio books, eye spy & weather watching as the rain got harder & harder the further North we got! We were kindly given the new Beatrix Potter Bookful App to try out which in a mind boggling augmented reality brings the first 3 tales of Peter rabbit to life! It’s absolutely stunning & such a juxtaposition of Victorian illustrations & virtual reality!!!

I packed the prettiest surprise nighty sent for Flora from Children Salon & a knitted Flopsy Bunny!

On our second day if you were following on my Stories you would’ve seen the GLORIOUS World of Beatrix Potter we actually spent most of the day there, each one of us getting something wonderful from it, Dylan brushed up on some history, I was inspired by the craft & of every single exhibit & Flora beamed from ear to ear at every corner she turned! (Yes she wore her nighty as a dress that day because she loved it so much!!!!)

That evening I finished reading The Story of Beatrix Potter by The National Trust. She really was more remarkable that you think. Did you know she wrote original papers for Kew Gardens about her findings on Mushrooms but they were published under a mans name?? Those, (next to her guinea pig sketches) are my all time fave drawings of hers.

Heading home Flora talked about all the books we had collected since she was born & we got them out to play Libraries! We have a couple missing along with one or two special ones!

Today in 1901 was the day Beatrix first self-published her Tale of Peter Rabbit & it has stayed ‘in print’ EVER SINCE!!!

Now, you may be thinking my blog was missing something or you could tell that I was writing with a part broken heart…

After upgrading my phone the day after we got home I lost EVERY.SINGLE.PHOTO from our trip. Some specifically for Puffin books of their brand new Further Tales of Rabbit, some for the beautiful beautiful hotel we stayed in Another Place & most importantly, all my pictures of our first proper adventure together including Flora hiking up to the very top to see Aira Force waterfall in an exhausting hail storm!!! Ugh. For someone else it wouldn’t have been a bother, but for me, I cherish photos more than most & OUCH it really got me!!!

Anyway, hopefully this still does it’s job & prompts you to dig out your dusty Beatrix Potters, order some new ones, visit the Lakes OR back up your camera!!! If any of these are done then I’m happy!!!

You can find the NEW Peter Rabbit books here. Happy Sunday!!! 🐰🐰🐰


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