Another Place…

Presuming you all know the unfortunate tale of what happened to my ENTIRE roll of photos when we visited the Lake District last month I’ve been really battling wether I’d be able to post a blog that would do our stay there justice. I’m hoping the very few pics I have left will do the trick but if you’d you’d like to see more, Another Place Hotel has a BEAUTIFUL Instagram page & is also featured in this months Wildling Magazine

When you go on your holidays, you usually hope for good weather, but there’s something about that long drive North that makes you feel ‘the worse the weather, the better the adventure!!!’ I don’t think we had a single dry hour for the entire time we were visiting but we really didn’t notice a single drop of rain. Our shelter for the few days was Another Place Hotel which greets you with rows of wellie boots to borrow & smiling staff with homely accents.

It’s almost unfortunate that the hotel is so beautifully lovely as I knew we weren’t going to be spending the time inside it demanded. On the very shore of Ullswater which is the second largest lake in England, the hotel has the clearest views of the Lake over its quarter mile private lake frontage & it’s hugging hills dominate the windows from every direction. The original Georgian part of the hotel is sensitively twinned with a modern extension which mostly houses suits. This is where we thawed, Dylan read, (their Library is constantly updated by Penguin & holds 500 perfectly picked books.) & Flora & I bathed. Sometimes twice a day because…

Mostly moss coloured walls & enamel wear it really is ‘luxuriously rustic’ if there is such a thing?? We ate 3 meals a day each day in the hotel because the food was so so good & refreshingly varied for us. As we sat through an early breakfast each morning the sun rose over the hills while we drank fresh coffee out of stone wear mugs & enamel teapots. We ate vegan overnight oats with fruit, coconuts yogurts & all the trimmings & Flora had d.i.y waffles the size of a dinner plate! Wonderful fuel to get her up those (mountains as she called them!) hills in hailstorms without a peep!

The hotel has 2 restaurant options, a more relaxed menu in The Living Space or a formal 3 course dinner option in their Ramsbeck restaurant. Both were beautifully tentative to us & Flora & we ate like Kings as they say!!! We were invited to use & made the most of the Swim club each day & I may have sneaked in a wonderful massage while Dylan & Flora packed the car!

I have NEVER seen a more beautiful pool in my entire life.

During our stay at Another Place my Stories engagement had THE highest statistics in my entire instagram career so despite loosing the rest of my photos, I’m quite confident you enjoyed the trip with us & hopeful the hotel would be top of your list to stay should you visit Ullswater. I’ve checked this morning & there’s some super ‘last min’ deals & availability coming up so please pop over for a peep. Again, you can visit their Instagram here or their website here. Thank you so much Another Place for being SUPERB hosts to our very first proper family trip. (**sobs regarding lost photos of Flora & Dylan 😭😭😭)


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