Sleep time tales…

Those late Winter evenings when the Snowdrops are waving in the wind but the daylight is still being rationed by Mother Nature… you know the ones I mean?

We prolong our bedtime routines at the moment because there’s something extra nourishing about preparing yourself for an entire night of utterly wonderful rest.

We’re happily spending the evening with Little Aurelia & using their BioOrganic luxury little ones skincare range before bed followed by their beautiful first edition ‘Sleep time tale’ collection of ‘Nan night poems.’

“Inside this magic little book,

Turn the page & take a look!

A special world of Woodland Friends,

With ducks & rabbits, owls & hens.

Join these creatures on their trails,

As we begin our Sleep Time Tales…

“It was bedtime in the wood,

& everyone was being good,

Teeth were brushed & stories read

& all were climbing into bed.

Bump, swoosh, what’s that noise?

Is it someone with their toys?

Whoosh, flap, what was that?

Is that the sound of Cecil the Cat?

Flutter, hoot, who’s not in bed?

Is it Henry, Rose or Ted?

Hector Mole wanted to see,

What an earth this noise could be!

He took his lamp to start his search

& came across a silver birch.

Looking up, what did he see?

The owls were waking up, all three!!!”

Thank you so so much for having us Little Aurelia, it’s been an absolute pleasure & our ‘ bath, book, bed’ routine is now perfectly partnered with you indefinitely!

You can find the Little Aurelia bedtime range here or have a peep at their prettiest Instagram page here.

Nan night Sunday Snoozers! Zzz.


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