A Friday Project…

So tomorrow morning is my 3rd Pom Pom Party *YAY & Flora will be staying with Dada for the second time ever! πŸ™ŒπŸ»  Haha! Being the absolutely amazingly prepared super mama that I am (possibly 2/7 days of the week-today being one of them…) I’ve whipped her up a dolls house for while I’m gone!!! 

Obviously she has a couple of sets of our FloraFairweather Families to fill it with! *oh of course you can buy a set too, they’re  now in my shop, up there in the menu ☝🏻️ OR you can DM me on Instagram to order! (Absolutely shameless right??!!! ☺️) 
ANYWAY- let’s start with a charity shop bargain or root round the garage for some little shelves or old cupboard…

This was a little thimble display thingy from Sue Ryder for Β£2.50! I quickly painted it in emulsion as it was a yucky dark brown.


Next, choose your decoration for each room! If I wasn’t happily married & having to live with Dylan, I’m SURE my actual house would look like this!!!! πŸ˜‚ 

I used some old wallpaper samples from my ‘uni stash,’ some wrapping paper & I think some of the others were leftovers from Mollie Makes magazine freebies! Haha, ‘free cycling at its best!!!.’


I’ve now restocked my Washii tapes thanks to a girls day out with Flora & my sweet Mammy to Hobbycraft so I was desperate to use some here! I edged each shelf in it just because. 


I also stuck some brown paper on a few of the floors & a couple of my granny squares for little carpets! 

All DONE!!!!! 

Now fill your house with dolls, figures & furniture & see if you can bare to let your clumsy fat fingered  brute actually play with it!!!! 😭

Doll set in gift box with crocheted bed linen Β£15.

Happy Weekend Mama B’s, lots of love from FFHQ! πŸ’•