Behind the scenes of @Be_More_Hygge…

So I’ve banged on about it for the last week, you should all now be well aware of my new true love, living the life of Hygge, a Hyggelig, a Hoogah??! 

No idea if I’ve just made that last word up, but in my mind it means, like a Yogi of Hygee, an absolute Pro, which is most definitely what I am!!! Anyway, read on for a super quick definition…

‘Hygge (“heu-gah”). The art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive. To create well-being, connection and warmth. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other. Celebrating the everyday.’ 

Blah blah blah, a super fuzzy hooray feeling inside I think…

So, I’m just about ready to show you what we’ve been working on, not at Rose Cottage this week, but up in Lincolnshire at my Mama & Papa’s studio Workshop. (Shed.)

Here’s some behind the scenes pics of me & the Boss at work! 

Conveniently, my Dad is world famous for his signwriting on super trendy cars, so he’s in charge of my latest project! 

So, here they are, a gesture in mug form

Take a moment, be warm, be quiet, be calm, be mindful, be thoughtful, be Autumn, be happy…be Hygge. 

Hand painted, limited edition, Autumn enamel mug available from Sunday 2nd Oct from 

For a chance to win a mug this weekend, regram this last photo & tag & follow Florafairweather & Be_more_hygge ❤️❤️❤️


Florafairweather with The Faffing room…

So after a LOT of tea & cake, (any excuse!!!) we finally have a little collection of breezy florals for your teeny ones! 

We just have a few of each combo, lovingly made by beautiful Cheryl of The Faffing room, get quick quick in touch if you’d like one in your life & hopefully they’ll brighten your drizzly day like they do mine! 

Eeeeek sweaty fingers!!!!! 😬

So these are little rompers, aged 1 year, £20 & we have them in the following fabrics…👇🏻

(Poppy red) 

(Love Violet)

(Lavender rose)


As modelled by Flora Bee obvs!!!

Nxt are a couple of dresses, they’re size 18months-2years & again £20…

(Forget me not) 


(Ladybirds 12months)

And lastly, a little sleeveless blouse thingy!?!! It’s hard to explain but CRIPES its pretty!!!! £20 again…

(Lime daisies)

So, there they are!!!

GAH! Exciting! 

To order in a rush, you can Email me with the fabric & style you’d like OR pop to my Instagram to DM & leave us your thoughts or hop to Cheryl’s page The Faffing Room for custom orders… 

Fingers tightest you LOVE them!!!

💕 Love Always! 👭🌈👭💕

Rose Water from Rose Cottage…

I’m SUCH a sucker for anything ROSE!!! *except Turkish delight, but I’d deffo eat it if it was the ONLY treat available!!! 

I made bottles & bottles of this when I was very pregnant, enough to last my whole labour. Rose is so so nostalgic to me, moving to my most loved house (EVER) with my Mama & Pappy when we were little, it was a huge old Edwardian house built on the edge of the beach, the only thing between us & the sand was a little woodland of Christmas trees that after years & years had become a cats cradle of tumbling wild roses. The house was so fusty, Mama & me filled it with bowls of warm water & all of the blooms & it soon smelt DREAMY!!! We had the bestestesest summer I can ever remember in that house, camping out in one room because it was such a wreck, but still, just the BEST ever ever. 

Ever since, I’ve used wild rose In some of my happiest days…head to toe on our Wedding day & sipping happily throughout my lovely labour… 
Anyway, Jeeez, I didn’t mean for the life story today, I was just going for the recipe!!!!! 

If you’re still awake, here it is! 💤

Collect your roses! 😏

You only need the petals for the water but I always snip the whole flower so another one grows in its place! 

Put them in a pan & fill with just enough water to cover them, particularly fragrant ones might need a little bit more to dilute the taste… *think Parma Violet, granny perfume taste! 

Cover the pan & warm the roses until they simmer & until they’re colourless.

Then drain & cool with ice or savour it warm!

Yes darling husband, it does look like pee, but I promise you, pee doesn’t taste this wonderful! 

*i don’t think??!

If you don’t have a wilderness of weeds & bushes like we do at Rose Cottage, you can use supermarket roses, they all smell & taste just as lovely! 

Enjoy! 💕

A day at The Faffing Room…

I haven’t written a blog post in SUCH a while, but today was just too desperately pretty not to share with you all. 

We are up in Lincolnshire visiting & today was spent at my friend Cheryl’s. She co-owns Oh Arthur clothing & solely owns The Faffing Room, a teeny business that she really MUST make more time for, as her handmade dolls & beebee clothes are totally charming…as is her life…which I want…need…must have!!!

*OH um Cheryl, if you’re reading this…I hope you don’t mind me blogging about you??!?

Is that totally weird or stalky? 

Possibly yes, but everyone go ahead & enjoy these photos, then, if you would, head to her Instagram 👈🏻 (follow please!) & tell her to work on her feed as I really need to see more of veggie sausage dog Bentley & her in my feed. 


Get comfy…

Thank you for a super day darling Cheryl, Flora Bee is ZONKED & I’m sat with a red wine & vanilla ice-cream scrolling through today’s photos like I’m watching this weeks Country File!!!! 

Tonight I’ll be dreaming in Peonies!!! 💕

A no news letter!!! 

The dreaded task of typing in all your addresses when I promised an email newsletter still awaits…its *ALMOST the top of my list!!! 🤔 

SO until I actually think of something ‘newsy’ to tell you all in one I’m going to leave a %20 discount on all small blankets for all of you who signed up, to use until I ACTUALLY send it!!!!!!! That might make me work a bit faster! 🤗 

 Just make sure you mention the discount to me when you order & it’s all yours! 

Hopefully May will bring me lots of fun stuff to tell you all, we have Flora Bee’s SECOND birthday GAH!!! I’m planning a picnic party & a new little cottage summer house for the garden to play in! 

We also have out new puppy finally coming to live at Rose Cottage AND my best friend is due her second Bebe, oh crikey flippin Moses I just cannot WAIT for May!!!

Until then… Lots of Love from the Florafairweather HQ! 💕