All our apples in one basket…

HOORAY!!! You’re here!!!

I’m SO happy to have you, and SO nervous to be here floating around in cyber-space.

Today is a particularly vulnarable day for us. Deep. Breath.

After pressing the ‘publish’ button on my first ever blog post, i will be clicking the ‘send’ button on my email of resignation to work. I’ve never really mentioned my pre-Flora life but i worked happily for Social Services for 10 years. As my extended maternity leave comes to an end this week, it turns out, my motherhood journey isn’t quite being accommodated for which is not cool with me, and most definitely not cool with Flora.

SO here we are in the universe.

You know when you have that hot head, cold feet feeling, apprehensive but enthused, nervous but energised?

That’s me.

Oh. Yikes.


5 thoughts on “All our apples in one basket…

  1. I was a stylist for many years and found myself in the same position after my daughters birth. I have loved every minute of my decision to stop working. Ultimately, any decision made from the heart is a good one. Congratulations for following your heart!

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  2. Hey Hollie just found your blog! It’s Awesome. Massive hi five for quitting it’s gonna be done!!! 👊 Here’s to the mums who are doing it for themselves and making there own way in webspace!! 😘

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