Keep warm woolly Mamas…


Today the girls & baby daddy Ben are moving indoors to enjoy their third trimesters away from the weather. (Despite it being SO warm today??!) 

Its just 4 weeks to go until the first little sprogs of Spring will be arriving! I’m SOOO excited, Flora on the other hand, would rather drive tractors… 

Before we know it, it will be time for a trim & bundles of fleece will be sent to the spinners to make me lots of lovely wool, now THATS pretty exciting too!!! 

Can you believe I love natural wool as much as the dyed ones??! Haha. True story!

 Cot sized granny squares in mustard or olive £50. Small olive £20. 


Did you know? After sheep are sheered they no longer recognise each other?! Haha! It’s to do with the smells on their fleece, not actually what they look like with a new do’ but still, it tickles me everytime!!!! On that note, better get to work, only 24 Pom poms to make tonight! GAH!!! 


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