Posy Pig… 

So those of you who know the story, it really is a true one, despite Dylan saying I concocted the whole thing because I wanted a pig… it does sound like something I’d do, I do like pigs, but she REALLY did just wander into our garden one night when he was at work!!!!! Amazing!!!! 😭

She was sooooo small!!! 👆🏻* I don’t know why there’s such a big white gap there but I can’t get rid of it so it’s just there ok?!!! 🤔

Anyway, she’s settled in super & despite not knowing where she came from, she’s very very sweet & now living happily at Rose Cottage… We think she’s about a year old now which is good news for her as farmed pigs only live to 9 months before they’re slaughtered. I can’t even think further than writing that sentence but I’ll leave it there. She plays like our dogs, she makes her bed before she gets in it & she always poos in the same spot so she doesn’t make her pen messy…our dogs are pretty thick compared to her if I’m honest. 

SO… she’s growing growing growing & will soon need more space!!!! We originally let her loose in the field but she couldn’t be trusted to stay put so until we can buy more stock fencing she’s got to stay where she is! I’ve started a fund & figured I’d make her some of her very own ‘merch to promote her cause!!! 

I dreamt up these bags because every Friday, the grocer at our market gives us a bag of wonky carrots because she has a soft spot for pigs & wouldn’t believe my story of how Posy arrived, I invited her to Rose Cottage for a coffee & we’ve been friends ever since!!! Anyway, my usual shopper is always full of junk & the plastic ones are the devil!!! SO…everyone needs one for their veggies right???! You don’t have to be a Vegan to buy one, just a believer in a better life for pigs & therefore the world!!! They’re printed on Earth Positive bags which means they were produced using ONLY renewable wind & solar energy therefore being carbon neutral! Good eh??! 🌱🌎

So, they’re XL shoppers, £15 & free first class post so if it’s market day tomorrow it can be with you just in time!!! (I only have 10 so get in touch if you’d like to have one!) 

(Oh they’ll actually be in my shop in two ticks! Click HERE to shop!!!) 

Oh and here’s Posy’s cheerleader reprezenting today!!! 😆🌱👆🏻💗 

And thank you from 👇🏻 who can’t use iPhones… 🙏🏻


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