Sunny Sunday…

  Goooood MooooRning from a beautifully sun lit Rose Cottage, Again, I’m not posting all of these on my Instagram page as they don’t match at the moment, but I’ve been  enjoying some colour therapy to lighten my mood & these are what I’ve come up with! They’re all for sale as Flora REALLY doesn’t require any more bobble hats! 

  £10 each and yes they ARE my new absolute obsession…..mohair Pom poms-I.cant.even!!!!!!!!!!! 
  Oh hey matching socks!!! I have done another one obvs-i don’t know why I only took a pic of one??!  
 Even if I do say so, they’re pretty whimsical?!?!!!! 

So, now for the finale, my inspiration for these was sweet little King Gruffyd who is literally an icon at the wee age of 17 weeks, yup, 17 weeks…head attire is particularly on trend at the moment according to Gruffyd so with this in mind, don’t all newborns need a hand knitted Berett with mohair pom-poms???  Well 2 newborns defiantly do-as I’ve only made 2 for now!!!  

 Now, let me know your thoughts as these are pretty different shades to my usual garish rainbows… Now, English muffins for brunch, enjoy your Sunday slumbers! 🌟



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