A treat for Mama…


I first read about the Mamas of Myanmar when I lived in New Zealand. They had some embroidered notebooks in a Fair Trade shop I used to visit on K Road. There was a postcard biography about the artisan craft of embroidery which they’d perfected. I bought one of their journals & filled it with Polaroids as I soon left New Zealand for India… 


Fastforward about 6 or 7 years & a November spring clean & I found it & have since been in touch with Kai, the internet savvy one of the 12 ladies, she let me choose some perfectly pretty bags & purses with the hope that if I can sell them I can order a few bits each month as ‘Mama treats!’ It’s a glorious win all round!!! 


 I’ve since found a few other communities of ‘mother makers’ willing to trade with me & can’t think of anything better than sharing their designs & pieces with the ladies who originally bought my blankets! It’s a full flippin turn of the axis, supporting & enjoying clever mamas World wide! 

I have one each of the clutch bags & 2  each of the small purses so please get in touch to order on Instagram www.instagram/florafairweather or email florafairweather@hotmail.com and please give me any feedback or thoughts! Am SO excited about these, I already have the next bits in the post travelling from a Hmong tribe in North Vietnam, so fingers tightest crossed this works!!! 

 £10   £12

 NOW, who needs a treat after a Christmas ALL about your kids?! 



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